The Newnorthern Art Hotel features eight boutique guest rooms, function areas, a sitting room and a state of the art exhibition space

Following a massive three-year-long refurbishment by former furniture maker Nicholas Dattner, the hotel reopened in 2013. Featuring rich timber paneling, an art deco ceiling together with an extensive collection of antiques, paintings and original hardwood pieces made in the workshops of Nicholas Dattner & Co, the Newnorthern Art Hotel shares much in common with some of the great art hotels around the world.

In early 2018, the former dining hall was converted into a contemporary gallery featuring the work of celebrated artists, musicians and performers.

The History of the Building

The rear section of the building, the accommodation, was constructed c.1870 whilst the the front was built in Art Deco style in 1939. The function room and drive-thru (now a gourmet drive through bakery) was completed in 1990. Located at the quiet northern end of town, adjacent to the former Thompson’s foundry (est. 1875), The Newnorthern Art Hotel continues as a celebrated part of Castlemaine.