the Newnorthern

Welcome to the Newnorthern – formerly the Northern Hotel – Castlemaine’s newest hotel and function venue, featuring eight boutique guest rooms, multiple function areas, seating for up to 150.

Following a massive three-year-long refurbishment lead by former furniture maker Nicholas Dattner, the old hotel has undergone a major overhaul. With rich timber paneling, an art deco ceiling and an extensive collection of antiques, paintings and original hardwood pieces made in the workshops of Nicholas Dattner & Co, the New shares much in common with some of the great art hotels around the world.

The History of the Building
The back half was built c.1870, the front in 1939 and the function room and drive-thru in 1990. It is located on the northern end of town, adjacent to the former Thompson’s foundry (est 1875).

Gold mining towns – of which Castlemaine is possibly the most outstandingly preserved example in Victoria – had pubs on every corner. They were the principal place for community to gather, to do business, debate public issues and to celebrate. They were also the principle providers of accommodation, long before the advent of motels. At the height of the gold mining boom in the 1870s there was a multitude of nationalities seeking their fortune reaching as many as thirty-six thousand individuals clambering over the hills and valleys of the town. As they made their strikes, the hotels of Castlemaine were the beneficiaries. Many were grand, and the Northern had a commanding position as it was variously the first or last hotel a miner would come across.

“The Newnorthern is a reinvention of the once great institution, the Australian country pub.”

Castlemaine has rapidly developed into one of the principle tourist towns in Victoria. A boom in real estate has resulted in many properties now selling for close to a million dollars. But most importantly, Castlemaine lies at the heart of central Victoria and is increasingly playing a major role in regional development.

Providing  accommodation and exceptional function facilities, the New is one of finest venue of its kind, able to look after diverse interest groups, including business associations, educational groups and government organisations.

The Newnorthern is a place for gathering, thinking and celebrating – an intriguing balance between traditional charm and the standards of excellence expected from modern regional hospitality.

We sincerely look forward to seeing you soon.